#Creating an Ethereal Zen Workspace: The Art of Home Office Furbishing

In today’s high-paced world where stress and clutter can overcrowd your mind and environment, creating a calming and Zen home office is the new-age solution. A simple yet transformative approach to office arrangement is finding the perfect desk placement and infusing your space with nature’s touch – greenery.

Establishing the Perfect Desk Placement

The epicenter of your home office is indisputably the large desk. Its placement significantly impacts your productivity and mental well-being. Here the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui comes in handy. It suggests placing your desk in the command position, which means facing the door while not being directly aligned with it. This placement allows you a clear view of the room and the entrance, channeling positive energy and evoking a sense of security. However, consider avoiding a view of the hallway or bathroom, which tends to disrupt the harmonious flow of energy.

Infusing the Space with a Touch of Greenery

Adding a dash of nature to your home office with green plants greatly enhances the calming and Zen ambiance. Lush greenery not only improves air quality but also increases your productivity and creative thinking. Select a variety of low-maintenance houseplants such as philodendrons, spider plants, or snake plants which require minimal light and water. Arrange them on your large desk, windowsills, or shelves. However, refrain from over-populating your workspace with plants, maintain a balance to avoid it from appearing cluttered.

Maintaining Symmetry and Decluttering

Symmetry is a crucial aspect of a Zen workspace. Hence, arrange your desks, chairs, and shelves symmetrically for harmony and balance. Furthermore, decluttering aids in creating a tranquil environment. Regularly reorganize your desk, remove unnecessary items to create a clear workspace aiding your focus and productivity.


Creating a calming and Zen home office embodying the harmonious placement of desks and invigorating touch of greenery acts as an effective antidote to stress. It boosts your productivity, mental well-being and provides an ethereal ambiance, transforming your home office into a haven of tranquility.